Mahatma Gandhi Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Jabalpur


Human Anatomy is the science which deals with the structure of the human body.

Initially, Anatomy was studied mainly by dissection. Dissection is a technique to cut, to open & see various structures which make up the human body structure. The scope of modern anatomy has become very wide because it is now studied by all possible techniques which can enlarge the boundaries of the anatomical knowledge.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Mayank Gupta HOD & Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. Mitesh Patel Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. A.K. Shukla (G.F.)


The word "Physiology" comes from the Ancient Greek physis, which means "nature, origin", and logia, which mean "study of".

Physiology is the scientific study of normal function in living systems. A sub-discipline of biology, its focus is in how organisms, organ systems, organs, cells, and bio-molecules carry out the chemical or physical functions that exist in a living system. Physiology aims to understand the mechanisms of living and how living things work. Human physiology studies how our cells, muscles and organs work together, how they interact. Physiology, sometimes referred to as the "science of life", looks at living mechanisms, from the molecular basis of cell function to the whole integrated behaviour of the entire body. Physiologists say that physiology is a fundamental science for understanding about "life", how to go about treating diseases and coping with the stresses our bodies are exposed to in different environments. Pathophysiology seeks to understand the abnormalities that occur in humans.

Physiologists work closely with other scientists and health care professionals in seeking out new methods for treating various diseases. Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry, is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. Much of biochemistry deals with the structures, functions and interactions of biological macromolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids, which provide the structure of cells and perform many of the functions associated with life. BHMC has team of efficient and experienced senior teachers in Physiology and Biochemistry Department. The theory Classes are complemented with practical exposure in our well equipped lab. At BHMC we allow students to perform various practicals related to Blood, Urine and Bio Chemical Reactions as well as systemic functions like Pulse, Blood Pressure, ECG, Spirometry, Reflexes etc. for better understanding of the subject.

Teaching Staff

Physiology including Bio-Chemistry
Dr. Juhi Jain HOD & Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Tularam Ladiya Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Reena Banerjee (G.F.)


Homoeopathic Materia Medica is one of the core subjects in the BHMS curricula and is taught in First, Second, Third and Final BHMS. Our Materia Medica is differently constructed as compared to other Materia Medica Homoeopathy considers that on essential and complete knowledge of the drug action as a whole can be obtained only by experimenting the drugs on healthy human beings so that it is possible to view all the date in relation to the psychosomatic whole of a person.

A proper knowledge of the drug substances and its actions is essential for every students and helps him to be good prescriber the students are taught to study each drug synthetically, analytically and comparatively so that they can master the science and art of becoming a good physician.

In the first year, introductory lecture are given on the nature and scope of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, the sources the ways of studying the drug substances drug proving, the Biochemic system etc are taught. In the second BHMS, more polychromes are included and the students are encouraged to study the drugs for various clinical conditions by comparisons. Emphasis is given on neurological and therapeutic diagnoses from Homoeopathic point of view. The therapeutic application of Materia Medica is demonstrable from cases in the outdoor and hospital wades. The Materia Medica department is provided with a departmental library. Different charts about Materia Medica in general and various drug substances and their relationships are displayed in the department also some come specimens with a note on their therapeutic applicability is on display. Tutorials are conducted in small groups so that students can interact with their teachers more and learn case discussions group discussions, sharing different ideas, improving the knowledge by reading several books, getting good clinical experiences is the sole aim of this department which enable the students to become good physicians.

Teaching Staff

Hom. Materia Medica
Dr. Abhinav Upadhyay HOD & Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. J. K. Pal Associate Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Pavan Pandey Assistant Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. Rahul Lokde (G.F.)


Homoeopathic pharmacy is one of the basic fundamental Homoeopathic subjects. The major difference between Homoeopathic and Allopathic system is their pharmacology.

The subject deals with how the medicines are procured and prepared from various sources. It also gives a detailed explanation about various processes and knowledge regarding the Selection, Collection, Combining, Compounding, Potentising, Standardising, Preserving & Dispensing of the Homoeopathic Medicines; is imparted through this subject.

A unique and vital process POTENTISATION; which individualises the Homoeopathic Science than other systems of medicine; is taught during the study of Homoeopathic Pharmacy.

Homoeopathic medicines which are proved only on humans; making it superior in understanding of human body and disturbances on physical as well as psychological plane.

Considering the patient as a person & man as a whole and not in different parts is an essence of Homoeopathic understanding.

The pharmacy department has advanced instruments & apparatus for the practical understanding & hi -tech and sophisticated tools; including audio visual system, various software as well as computer aided multimedia facilities to get clarity about the subject in depth.

To impart the practical exposure of the subject - department is regularly making students visit the world renowned pharmaceutical companies.

To teach the subject in its complete depth; Pharmacy Department has senior, experienced and efficient faculties.

Teaching Staff

Hom. Pharmacy
Dr. Girish Tripathi HOD & Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. Gyaneshwar Bhalekar Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Sharad Shyam Dwivedi (G.F.)


Organon of medicine is the subject which imparts education to the students in regards to principles and Philosophy of Homoeopathic discipline. This monumental book was authored by the founder of Homoeopathy Samuel Fredrick Christian Hahnemann who was 200 years ahead of his time. The book gives practical guidelines regarding practice of Homeopathy to all practicing Homoeopaths.

The institution has a separate well equipped and specious department of Organon of Medicine in the premises. It is run by proficient and experienced teachers. It consists of museum of History of medicine, HOD cabin and charts of pioneers of Homoeopathy. Also all the necessary amenities are available in the department to conduct clinical classes.

The teachers of the department spare no efforts to prepare efficient homoeopaths for the future generation.

Teaching Staff

Organon of Medicine, Hom. Philosophy & Psychology
Dr. Dharmesh Deorhiya HOD & Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. K.B. Singh Associate Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. K.M. Pathak Assistant Professor M.D. (Hom.)
Dr. S.A. Yadav (G.F.) B.H.M.S.


The subject of Pathology is concerned with the Study abnormal changes that occur at the cellular level. These changes or alteration in the physiological processes cumulatively result in the disease process.

These abnormal changes can be caused by Bactria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite or Allergens. They can also be caused by Heredity, Habits, Life style, Addictions, over drugging or they can simply be because of Auto-immunity. Exposure to any such causative results in Signs and Symptoms. Along with these some of the normal values of certain Physiological Parameters are also altered. Through Pathological analysis these alterations can be measured and a probable diagnosis can be obtained.

Pathology and Microbiology is a Para-clinical subject of paramount importance encompassing the complete causative phenomena associated with the Disease. It has various branches in form of General and Systemic Pathology & Bacteriology, Virology and Parasitology etc. This subject is taught in the Second year of B.H.M.S. and the examination takes place at the end of 2nd B.H.M.S. The study of the subject is divided in the Theory and Practical classes. The students are exposed to various practical day to day laboratory analysis during their Laboratory Practical Work.

Teaching Staff

Pathology & Microbiology
Dr. Kaushlendra Dwivedi Associate Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. Mini Agrawal Assistant Professor M.B.B.S. , D.C.P.
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (G.F.)


The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology is to produce a physician who is well informed about medicolegal responsibilities in Practice of Medicine. She/he will also be capable of making observations and inferring conclusions by logical deductions to set enquiries on the right track in criminal matters and connected medicolegal problems. She/he acquires knowledge of law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence and respect for codes of medical ethics.

Teaching Staff

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Dr. F.M. Khan HOD & Professor D.H.M.S.
Dr. Nisha Baghel Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Jitendra Kumar (G.F.)


The subject of Surgery and Homoeopathic Therapeutics is included in the syllabus of 2nd and 3rd B.H.M.S. The final exam is conducted at the end of 3rd B.H.M.S.

As homoeopathy has proved its efficacy in treating many pre and post surgical cases, the sound knowledge of Surgery is essential for a very good medical practice.

The Department of Surgery is well equipped with surgical instruments.

Teaching Staff

Surgery &Hom. Therapeutics
Dr. Praveen Malhotra HOD & Professor M.D.(Hom.)
Dr. Prashant Tripathi Assistant Professor M.D.(Hom.)
Dr. Shobha Nelson (G.F.)


This subject covers the normal & abnormal happenings in females, especially in reproductive period.

Obstetrics includes all events & complications during pregnancy and also neonatology meaning care & management of the new born baby.

Gynecology deals with all the other female problems like infections, tumors& sterility.

Here, the students are taught in detail regarding all these conditions in theoretical classes, as well as clinical classes, which helps them to get a basic idea regarding the problem & also to differentiate between normal & abnormal findings.

The curriculum also necessarily includes the detail Homeopathic management of the female complaints with special review on scopes & limitations, so that as a clinician, they can give proper guidelines & treatment to the female patients.

Teaching Staff

Obstetrics / Gynaecology & Hom. Therapeutics
Dr. Kakali Kar HOD & Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Manjul Jain Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Jyotsna Gupta (G.F.)


Practice of Medicine & Homoeopathic Therapeutics is one of the subjects taught in the institute from second year B.H.M.S. till Fourth Year B.H.M.S. The examination is conducted in Fourth B.H.M.S.

In the subject students are taught about:

Knowledge of Disease - its causes, pathophysiology, clinical features, D/D, complications, investigations etc.

The art of case processing as per the guide lines given in Homoeopathic literature.

The students are taught to decide the line of treatment - Medicinal, Surgical, Curative, Palliative etc.

Teaching Staff

Practice of Medicine &Hom. Therapeutics
Dr. Sushil Kumar Tripathi HOD & Professor M.B.B.S., M.S.
Dr. Rajendra Bisen Associate Professor M.B.B.S., M.S.
Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. J.N. Mishra (G.F.)


Case taking is a stepping stone to repertorisation. This is a step, which facilitates the gathering of the data pertaining to what is to be cured in the diseased person. It is said that "A well taken case is half cured".

It is an accepted axiom in the principles of total quality management that an awareness of the problem, the recognition of the problem, & the admission of the existence of that problem takes one of half the road donor towards solving that problem. With the same analogy, the importance of proper case taking & its faithful recording can never be over stressed.

The final analysis of every case resolves itself into the assembling of the individualistic symptoms into the one group & collecting the disease manifestations into another, then finding the remedy which runs through both.

Teaching Staff

Dr. Deepalika Verma HOD & Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Shweta Purwar Associate Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. Harshida Thakre Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Mohd. Rustam Ali (G.F.)


The Subject is part of Final year B.H.M.S., it's also known as the Preventive and Social Medicine Commonly now termed as Community Medicine. As the name suggests, it's classical study of Social aspect of Diseases through which diseases’ pattern is studied in connection with its distribution and determination. Also Social, emotional, financial, cultural effects on Health and Diseases Development, progression of disease and Health related issue in society. It deals with not only medicine but to impart knowledge to the students about the diseases prevention, nutrition, hygiene, addiction and precautionary measure associated with the disease.

As Doctor "Treatment it's not only duty" but create awareness among the population for all health related issue like, cleanliness, de-addiction with active involvement in government programmes etc. Sanitation and sterilization aspect is to be improved where hygiene and environment is concerned.

Teaching Staff

Community Medicine (P.S.M.)
Dr. Surajit Kar HOD & Professor M.D.(Hom)
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor B.H.M.S.
Dr. Arun J. Bose (G.F.)

Non Teaching Staff

No. Name Designation Qualification Appointment Date
1. Mrs. Kiran Chandel Office Suprintendent M.A. 7/1/2005
2. Mrs. Anjleena Stuart Librarian M.Lib. 6/16/2004
3. Ms. Mitika Mishra Asst. Librarian M.Lib. 7/1/2017
4. Ms. Prachi Viveliya Asst. Librarian B.Lib. 6/1/2017
5. Mr. Kapil Kumar Shukla Lab Tech. (Pathology) DMLT 4/1/2016
6. Mr. Jagdeesh Vishwakarma Lab Attendent (Pathology) DMLT 1/4/2014
7. Ms. Bhanupriya Lab Tech. (Biochemistry)(Physiology) DMLT 4/1/2016
8. Mrs. Anita Bai Physiology Attendent N.Ed. 2/7/2008
9. Mrs. Mulam Bai Pharmacy Attendent N.Ed.
10. Mr. Tomsen Yagappan Anatomy Attendent DMLT 4/1/2016
11. Mr. Rahul Yadav Maintenance Person MBA 4/1/2016
12. Mr. Harish Fagwani Accountant B.Com. 3/1/2006
13. Ms. Rekha Patel Clerk PGDCA 7/1/2009
14. Ms. Divya Khare Clerk B.A. 6/25/2015
15. Mr. Arjun Pandey Office Assisstant HSC 8/1/2010
16. Mr. Vijay Patel Computer Opreter ADCPSM 3/1/2013
17. Mr. Siddharth Thulkar Scholar Incharge B.A. 2/1/2011
18. Mrs. Asha Yadav Warden H.Sc. 7/1/2014
19. Mr. Ramswaroop Guard B.A. 3/1/2015
20. Mrs. Vijaymati Tiwari Guard N.Ed. 7/1/2016
21. Mr. Rahul Gardner N.Ed. 10/1/2013
22. Mr. Dinesh Patel Peon H.Sc. 1/1/2002
23. Mr. Santosh Kumar Sweeper N.Ed. 7/1/2003
24. Mr. Satish Kumar Sweeper N.Ed. 8/1/2011
25. Mrs. Janki Bai Peon N.Ed.

Hospital Staff

No. Name Designation Appointment Date
1. Dr. D. Deorhiya Suprintendent 7/1/2013
2. Dr. Poonam Jain Senior Medical Officer
3. Dr. Priyanka Karande Medical Officer 3/1/2013
4. Dr. Anuradha Mishra Medical Officer 1/15/2019
5. Dr. Dolly Resident Medical Officer 8/1/2016
6. Dr. Mayank Gupta Surgeon (General Surgery) 6/1/2006
7. Dr. Sanjay Maurya Anesthetist (On Call) 12/1/2018
8. Dr. Shobha Nelson Obstetrician/Gyean (Surgery) 3/1/2018
9. Dr. K.C. Chopra Radiology (On Call) 1/1/2018
10. Dr. A. Day Pathologist 12/25/2017
11. Dr. Anchal Singh House Physician (Resident) 1/16/2019
12. Dr. Nitesh Yadav House Physician (Resident) 3/26/2018
13. Mr. Dipanshu Bainerjee Dispenser 11/25/2017
14. Ms. Khushboo Patel Lab Technician 10/2/2017
15. Mr. Arjun Sen X-Ray Technician/Radiographer 6/1/2017
16. Mr. Anurag Singh Dresser 12/1/2017
17. Mr. Akash Kumar Asati X-RayAttendant 11/11/2018
18. Ms. Nikita Pathak Nursing inCharge 6/1/2018
19. Mr. Sumit Sahu Staff Nurse 6/1/2017
20. Mrs. Sudha Yadav Staff Nurse 6/1/2018
21. Mr. Praveen Kushwaha Staff Nurse 6/1/2018
22. Mr. Vikas Choubey Ward Boy 12/1/2017
23. Mr. Shsibhushan Shrivastava Ward Boy 7/13/2014
24. Mr. Dheeraj Imle Ward Boy 10/8/2014
25. Mr. Sukhendra Puri Ward Boy 12/1/2017
26. Mr. Arun Kumar Sipahi Ward Boy 12/1/2017
27. Harish Fagwani Accountant 1/1/2013
28. Mr. Ravendra Bahadur Singh Store Keeper 12/1/2017
29. Ms. Chandni Vishwakarma Registration Clerk/Telephone Operator 6/1/2017
30. Mr. Devendra Kumar Yadav Yoga Expert 1/4/2014
31. Mr. Balram Pal Physiotherapist 7/4/2015
32. Ms. Deepti Shrivastava Dietician (Part Time) 11/10/2018
33. Mr. Deendayal O.T. Technician 10/10/2012
34. Mrs. Gaur Shri Sen Sweeper 12/1/2017
35. Mrs. Maya Sweeper 2/20/2015
36. As Per Contract(Rajkumar Rajak) Laundry 4/4/2017


  • No. of Books 7642
  • Journals 09
  • News-paper 05
  • Reading room for students with capacity 100
  • Reading room for teaching faculty with capacity 12
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